Saturday, October 16, 2010

Greal deal at Walgreens

Here's the story of how I bought all of this for $0.23 cash OOP
Here's the deal I did Saturday at Wags. I discovered that I was completely out of Fish Oil pills yesterday. I searched through the "convenience store" and couldn't find any. I asked Darlin Dan and he admitted that he had given away my last bottle. ( By give away, I mean he sold them for $1). Since I take the Fish Oil for my cholesterol issues, I decided I needed to get some more stat.  Well, Walgreens has the Nature's Bounty products BOGO and so this big bottle costs $10.99, so I'm starting out with getting 2 big bottles for $10.99.  Not bad, but I knew that I could figure out a way to pay less OOP. First, I found out that there is a $1/1 man. coupon and I could use 2, even though this item is BOGO this week. So now my total is down to $8.99 for 2 big bottles of fish oil. Well, being the well informed, Blog reader that I am, I read on Wild For Wags, that I could do a $2 money maker deal if I bought 2 of the Reach dental floss w/whitening with the right combo of coupons. I figured I could even do this deal 2 times in the same transaction to make it a $4 moneymaker. (Walgreens paid me $4 to buy 4 packs of $3.99 dental floss.) Now my cash OOP is $4.99.  Well, I could've just stopped here and either paid this amount out of my wallet or with RRs, but I decided to buy another pack of Noxema razors (and get $3RR back)and use the $2 coupon inside of the previous pack I bought, so now cash OOP is $6.98. I wanted to use a $3, $3, and $1.50RR to pay, so I bought 3 pair of the $0.25 knee high panty hose as fillers. OOP=$7.73-$7.50 in RRs= CASH OOP- $0.23 and I got back a $3RR for the razors. Yes, I did burn $4.50 in RRs, but hey my receipt said I saved $40+!

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