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Friday, October 15, 2010

HEB shop-using up the cats

Okay, I have a boat load of $1.50 and $2 catalina coupons that I collected during the BTFE deal they had. I had some expiring today and by 10/19 I will have to use the rest. The catalina coupons say -Save $1.50 (or $2) off any HEB own brand item, so I have been on a scavenger hunt to find HEB brand items that I will use. Actually this is very easy because HEB has such a vast variety of its own brand items. Hill country fare also qualifies-it has to do with the bar code number on the item (starts with 4122 0).
Today I spent $8.35 cash OOP for $30 worth of groceries! That's pretty good for HEB! I did do this in  5 transactions just to be on the safe side and used a $1.50 or $2 cat each time.  As it was, a manager was called 2 out of the 5 times and I have no idea why.

Thanks to Katy's Couponers for blogging about a great deal opportunity. Use the $1.50 off any Vicks from 10/10 PG on a small box of Vicks cough drops.  The Vicks are .99 and each $1.50 coupon takes off the full amount with no beeping. That means .51 overage for each one you buy.  I was able to use 6 coupons and I have more for tomorrow!

Here's the rundown
trans #1
heb diet soda $2.38
yakisoba noodles x 2 $0 .96
vicks cough drops x 2 $1.98
vlassic ovals hamburger dills $1.98 (deal buy vlassic get tuna and grillmates free!)
yellow bananas $0.24
can BB tuna $0.69
Mc. grillmates $0.98
-$1.50 vicks Q
-$1.50 vick Q
-$1.50 HEB cat
-$0.50 yakisoba Q
-$0.50 yakisoba Q
-$0.55 IP Q for Vlassic pickles
- $0.69 yellow HEB Q for tuna
-$0.98 yellow HEB Q for grillmates
=$1.56 cash OOP
Trans #2
HEB splt chicken breast $2.64 ($1 lb.)
vicks cough drop x 2 $1.98
hill country fare chorizo $0 .87
HEB flour tortillas $0 .94
broccoli crowns $0 .53
1 gala apple $ 0.48
1 hass avocado $0.34
-$1.50 vick Q
-$1.50 vicks Q
-$1.50 HEB cat
=$3.28 cash OOP
Trans #3
HCF split chicken breast $2.26
vicks cough drops x 2 $1.98
HEB brown gravy mix $0.33
HEB country gravy mix $0.33
economax foam plates (has same bar code as HEB!) $0.99
hass avocado $0.34
1 lemon $0.25
2 bolillo rolls $0.50
1 cucumber $0.44
1 coffeemate $1.73
-$1.50 IP coffee mate coupon
-$1.50 vicks coupon
-$1.50 vicks coupon
-$1.50 HEB cat
=$3.15 cash OOP
trans #4
HCF drypinto beans $0.64
HCF enchilada sause $0.99
-$1.50 HEB cat
=$0.13 cash OOP
trans  #5
HCF refried beans $0.64
HEB red corn tostadas $1.59
-$2.00 HEB cat
=$0.23 cash OOP

I have alot more HEB shopping to do in 4 days. Wish me luck.

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