Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quick Trip to Super T

Super T
Darlin Dan had his surgery today and I needed to fill his prescription for pain killers. I remembered that Target had a coupon in the Sunday flier for a $10GC when you fill a prescription-so being the frugal Targeteer that I am, I went dumpster diving in my own recycle garbage container (haha), and fished out that Target insert for that coupon. I ran to Super T, got his prescription for $11.75 and got my $10GC! While waiting for his prescription to be filled, I had to grab some deals. I spent $15.20 in Target GCs for $30 worth of goodies. My receipt said I saved $20.82- I'm thinking because the chicken breast was on sale-I saved $2.99, the eggs were on sale-I saved $0.76, The Pillsbury Moments were on sale- I saved a total of $1 for both, and I saved $14.93 in coupons.

By the way, Darlin Dan is enjoying his pain killers-he was very thankful when I got home with a full bottle -his first dose that the Dr. gave him wore off!!


Sunny simple life said...

Glad it went well and Dan is home safe. I have been jealous of your Super T posts but good news as my Target is remodeling and the Super will be put to the T starting tomorrow. Yeah. Now I can get all those fresh groceries too. Doesn't take much to make me happy.

jeri said...

Thank you so much! He's hangin in there!
You're gonna love your Super T. Watch how your coupons scan
Some of the coupons that are $1/2 just take off a partial amount-I pointed that out to my cashier yesterday and she got flustered and had to call the manager. They ended up takiing off $ .98 (what the 2 items were worth). Hey, $ .49 is $ .49! It's like I say to Darlin Dan, do you know what I can do with $ .49? (haha ;0)
Love your new blog!