Sunday, October 3, 2010

My HEB deal worked!

HEB 10/3
Okay, I started pondering if I could pull this one off. The cashier did have to push through some of the buy the zip loc containers and get the chex mix free through. I don't know why. Anyway, my original plan was to try to do 2 of the BTFE deals together to maximize the number of coupons I would be getting back. I threw in the Scrubbing Bubbles because I read on Slickdeals that buying 2 green cans of S.B. generates a $2q for HEB brand. Then I decided to through in the HEB combo deal where you buy the chicken chunks and get the country crock sides and HEB ketchup free.
I bought 8 zip lock bags@ $1.77 ea. =$14.11
6 zip lock containers@ $2.16 eac = $12.96
6 chex mix@ $1.50 ea =$6.00
2 scrubbing bubbles@ $2.00 eac =$4.00
1 HEB chunky chicken=$5.67
1 country crock sides=$3.48
1 HEB ketchup=$1.78
-$1.25/2 ziplock bags Q X 4
-$1.50/2 ziplock containers Q X3
-$1/2 Scrubbing Bubbles Q
-$1.50 for chex mix X6
-$3.48 country crock sides HEB Q
-$1.78 HEB ketchup HEB Q
-$5 OYNO Q from last BTFE deal
-$1.50 for HEB brand from last zip lock container deal
=$21.01 cash OOP

The I got back ALL of this!!!
$5 for 10 BTFE items
$5for 10 BTFE items
$2 for 4 zip lock bags
$2 for 4 zip lock bags
$2 for 2 Scrubbing Bubbles
$1.50 for 2 zip lock containers
$1.50 for 2 zip lock containers
$1.50 for 2 zip lock containers
70 boxtops
70 boxtops
=$20.50 back in Qs
Thanks to Slickdeals forum members!

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