Thursday, October 28, 2010

Guess what I bought at Walgreens today!

I couldn't resist BOGO pumpkins at Walgreens. I visited Walgreens bright and early this morning-right at opening to be exact. What did I see- some pumpkins with a sign $3.99 buy one get one free. Since I hadn't grabbed a pumpkin yet, I decided to do a couple of moneymaker deals and thrown in the pumpkins to boot. I spent $0.38 cash OOP  and $10 in RRs for 3 Alka seltzer powders, 2 balance bars, 1 fit bar and 2 pumpkins! I got $8.60 in RRs back, so I burned $1.40 in RRs for 2 pumpkins!!

Darlin Dan carved these adorable jack o lanterns tonight. We are old school, so we decided on old fashioned jack o lantern faces. Poor Darlin Dan must be very bored to undertake this tonight. He has not been back to work since his surgery and is getting tired of being a couch potato!!  He started PT yesterday and is hoping to go back to work next week.

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Sunny simple life said...

Good buy on those. Happy Halloween!