Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Martinez event

We are soooo excited........The Martinez house is buzzin- we're getting a new roof today! After a really, really bad storm last month, we discovered our roof was leaking. We went in to panic mode. We called our insurance right away and made an appointment for the adjuster to come out and look at our problems. The adjuster was so booked, that we could not get an appointment until yesterday. Our problem turned out to be pretty bad and a new roof is being put on as I write. We were able to contact a roofer ahead of time and he met with the adjuster while he was inspecting our roof. It worked out so beautifully. I am one happy camper today.
By the way, I have an HEB hangover. The deal is over. Now I have about $57 in catalina coupons to spend. The trick is to spend them one at a time on HEB products.
I had one expiring today and I had one frustrating trip to HEB. I get so anxious (in a bad way) while I'm checking out at HEB. For one thing, you don't know if the coupons will print out. Another thing, alot of times the coupon you want to use, will not scan or it beeps. (I thought I had figured out the mystery of the HEB brand coupon-apparently not!) The cashier then starts trying to force it through. The line gets longer behind me. The cashier either says that I can't use that coupon for what I bought, or calls the manager. The line gets even longer. The manager then tries to push it through. Most of the time they can. But today, the manager told me to go to the center cashier and he would give me the cash back for the coupon! To beat it all, my coupon for the Scrubbing bubbles deal did not print out. I decided to return the Scrubbing Bubbles and get my money back on my debit card. Customer service does not seem to have a problem with returns. Customer Service does not know if this is a deal-so who  knows if the deal is still good.  I thought I might visit the HEB where I did the deal at yesterday and try it again.

I tried to do the Nature Valley granola bar deal at Target and did not get the $3.50 coupon back! RATS!

It's a good roof day but  a bad shopping day for me.

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Anonymous said...

I was able to use several of the catalina coupons for $1.50 off any HEB product in one transaction. The cashier looked and said she couldn't see where it limited you to using one per transaction, so she took all the ones I handed her. They went through with no beeps or anything.