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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

HEB deal

I really didn't plan on going to HEB today. I had planned to take the day off from "wheeling and dealing " (had a bit of a shopping hangover after my 9 HEB transactions yesterday) and then I read on Katy's Couponers about a good deal on Dial Bodywash, so what do I do? I clip some Dial Bodywash coupons and head on over to HEB. 
         I grabbed some Dial bodywash and Dial bar soap and while I was there, I noticed that there is a new yellow coupon for Olay Regenerist facial products-Buy olay regenerist product and get Secret deodorant free. At first, I was just going to grab that and then it dawned on me (little bright light bulb over my head) that there is a manufacturer's coupon for buy 2 Secret deodorants and get a Secret bodyspray free. So, I was feeling very brave and decided to buy 2 Olay Regenerist facial cleansers, 2 Secret deodorants and 1 Secret Bodyspray using this following scenario:

2 Olay Regenerist facial cleansers @ $5.97 each = $ 11. 94
2 Secret deodorants @ $4.22 each = $ 8.44
1 Secret bodyspray = $4.22
3 Dial Bodywash @ $3.66 each =$10.98
3 Dial bar soap 3 pack @ $1.76 = $5.28
I gave my manufacturer's coupons first-
-$3 Olay Regenerist Q from 6/5PG
-$3 Olay Regenerist Q from 6/5PG
-$4.22 for Secret Body Spray Free WYB (2) Secret Scent Expressions 6/5PG
-$2 Dial Bodywash Q from 6/12RP
-$2 Dial Bodywash Q from 6/12RP
-$2 Dial Bodywash Q from 6/12RP

then I handed over my YQs (yellow coupons)
-$4.22 for free Secret deodorant wyb Olay regenerist
-$4.22 for free Secret deodorant wyb Olay regenerist
-$1.76 for free Dial bar soap 3 pack wyb Dial BW
-$1.76 for free Dial bar soap 3 pack wyb Dial BW

Then I handed over my "Cat"
-$10 P&G Catalina coupon from HEB
=$0.92 +tax cash OOP
I can't find my receipt, so I don't know the exact cash total with tax.

I was so happy to see that my favorite cashier was on duty today. His name is Brian and he is an expert with the coupons and we never have problems when he is in charge!!

I got distracted by the customer in line behind me. He was so impressed by my transaction. Actually he said he was jealous! I've been getting lots of positive comments from customers and cashiers lately.


Olive Cooper said...

Hi Jeri, I am a new follower. I go to CVS a lot here in Georgia so I will be checking your blog out for your view of their sale. Thanks bunches♥olive

jeri said...

Thanks Olive!