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Monday, June 6, 2011

Walgreens Deals

I've been a Waggin' and one of my best deals this week is on Pampers(thanks to Frugal Suz!).
Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers or Easy Ups $8.99, use $5 catalina (from previous Pampers purchase at WAG), $2 WAG coupon (Infant Care booklet, found in stores) and get back $1 RR = $0.99

I bought the diapers and a clearance marker for $0.09-used a $2RR from Bic razor and $0.09 cash OOP and got my $1RR back.

I've been able to find just about all the deals-except the toothbrushes-I'm hoping to grab some when deliveries come in later this week.

Sunday Trans #1
1 Healthy Woman Soy Supplement $8
1 Bic Sol. dispos. razors $5.99
-$3 Q for razors
-$10RR from calcium
=$0.99 cash OOP
got back $8RR for soy supp. and $2RR for razors

Sunday Trans #2
1 Omega Fish Oil $10
1 Sobe drink $0.99
-$8RR from soy supp
-$2RR from razors
=$0.99 cash OOP
got back $10RR  for fish oil and $0.99RR for Sobe

Monday Transaction #1
2 Finesse shampoo 2/$7
1 sobe $0.99
1 soy supplement $8
1 bic disp. razor $5.99
2 clearance highlighters $0.09 each=$0.18
-$1 finesse coupon
-$1 finesse coupon
-$3 razor coupon
=$17. 16
-$10RR for fish oil
-$2RR for crackers (last week)
-$2RR for Listerine strips
-$2RR for Illy Coffee
got back $5RR for finesse, $8RR for soy supp., $0.99RR for Sobe, $2RR for Bic razors

Monday Transaction #2
1 pampers $8.99
1 highlighter $0.09
=$ 9.08
-$5 cat coupon for pampers
-$2 coupon from infant book
-$2RR for Bic razor
+$0.01 tax
=$0.09 cash OOP
got back a $1RR for pampers

So far I've spent $3.23 cash OOP for $56.22 worth of deals.
I started with a $10RR, $2RR, $2RR, and a $2RR=$16 in RRs
and ended with a $8RR, $5RR, $1RR, $0.99RR and a $0.99RR =$15.98 in RRs.

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Sunny Simple Life said...

None of my Wags have ever heard of the infant care booklet. Bummer.