Tuesday, June 21, 2011

HEB shopping

I've been shopping alot at HEB these last 2 weeks. They had an awesome Proctor and Gamble deal going on that I could not resist. Today was the last day and I need to use up some coupons so I decided to have a  crazy coupon day! I worked half a day and shopped at 4 HEBs the rest of the day. Darlin Dan joined me for my last 2 P&G transactions this evening and it went well. I was so happy that these 2 transactions were effortless because the other 7 transactions were not so easy. My day was full of refunds and re ringing up and manager intervention. However, my dining room table is full of P&G and BTFE products and I still have some change left over from the $20 bill I started with.  So now I'm sitting in my PJs watching TV, trying to figure out my BTFE(Boxtops for Education) strategy. I've got alot of $10 cats to roll and I want to use them wisely on the BTFE deal and cheap beef!

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