Monday, July 12, 2010

1 reason why I waited to shop last week

See these gals? Anna and Lindsey work at the Cosmetic department at my favorite  Walgreens. This Walgreens is close to where I work, so I frequent it on weekdays.  Before I left for vacation, Anna had asked me if I would come by on Saturday July 10. She explained to me about  the Saturdate's that are advertised in the Walgreens Ads. She said they set goals of how many of the special item for that day they will sell. I wanted to help her out since she is my favorite cashier at my favorite Walgreens. This last Saturday, the special items were the Dove products - Shampoos, body washes, deodorants, etc. It wasn't the best deal for me because it wasn't a free deal after coupons and RRs, but I'm helping my fav. cashier and this can only help me in the future! I ended up burning some RRs that I can hopefully recoup in the future.  I'm happy to report that  Anna made her goal and I'm glad I could help! 

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