Thursday, July 22, 2010

Favorite Walgreens deal of the day

This is a great deal to do if you are trying to roll your RRs-especially from the $5 razor RR to the $3.50 toothpaste RR. Transaction #1 pay with a $5 razor RR and buy a toothpaste, 2 Fiber Plus bars from Kelloggs, and a filler-I picked a $ .09 marker.
I had 2 internet print Qs for the bars and got a $2RR back. I used a $1 man. Q for the toothpaste and got a $3.50RR back. I needed to buy the marker to make my coupon count equal the number of items I bought. I spent $ .58 cash OOP!

Trans#2  I used the $3.50 toothpaste RR and the $2 bars RR to buy a razor and 2 $ .09  markers.
I used the $4 razor man. Q and got a $5RR back. I spent $ .62 cash OOP!
I'm happy now! I spent $1.20 cash OOP for about $18 worth of goodies and I didn't burn up any RRs.

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