Monday, July 26, 2010

Celsius coupons

Did you find some Celcius coupons in this Sunday's Parade?
5 of my Parade's had coupons. Now if I could only find 5 packs of them!


coupon challenged said...

My paper had it. Went to buy some more and they did not. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

Mine didn't have any. When do they expire?

jeri said...

I couldn't find any today either.

The coupons expire 8/31/10.

Celsius said...

Hi - Celsius here - we're sorry you had trouble finding Celsius and we would love to help. To see a store near you, check out our store locator at: In case you have already done that, in San Antonio, here are places to find Celsius. Walgreens - go tothe nutrition/diet sectio and look for it next to SlimFast and Muscle Milk. It may be on a really low shelf. Vitamin Shoppe carries teh largest variety of flavors. We are in Sam's Clubs in the nutrition section. We are in some Walmarts in the flavored water section. HEB and Central Market carry Celsius in the specialty soda area. Please contact us at if you need more help!

Celsius said...

Check out our new sweepstakes launching today at: You can win a trip to meet Mario Lopez on the set of Extra in LA, an in home gym, Celsius and more! Also, there a coupons on the site! It's our Ultimate Workout Challenge!