Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It is a beautiful day!

Okay, the guys are golfin' and guess what the super couponer is doing? Well, she isn't chasin' the deals. She's getting ready for Big Brother to start! I am a die hard fan of Big Brother. It is a reality show on CBS. This is season 12. I've watched 9 seasons.  It is starting back up on July 8!!  Today,  I'm by myself at the condo, watching the preseason interviews of the houseguests on the internet.  This is such a treat.  I haven't really made the time to do this until today.  Today is the perfect day 'cuz everybody else is out and about.  As soon as I'm finished getting ready for "BB", I plan to continue reading book #2.

Wouldn't you know that another tropical storm is brewing and could possibly be heading for the coast of Texas? Rain is forecasted for the area starting tomorrow evening. We plan to play it by ear. I wouldn't be surprised if we start heading home by Thursday.

Again, I'm soooo glad the deals are few and far between this week. I would be miserable... ;-)

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