Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Winner, Winner

Winner, Winner, Turkey Bacon & Sausage Dinner!
I accidentally ran into a fantastic deal at HEB-that Texas  grocery store chain  that has a monopoly in San Antonio. I ran in Sunday to grab a free box of pampers wipes while it was on my mind and before the coupon expired (I found 1 more $2 Q!).  I knew it was probably the only place that still had them under $2. I walked by a display case full of Butterball Turkey bacon and sausage. It showed the famous HEB yellow coupons-buy a Turkey Bacon and get a Turkey sausage free! Well, my sometimes sharp mind remembered seeing a manufacturers coupon for Butterball items (bacon!) and I knew I would actually be able to use it for this deal. I didn't have time to try the deal  yesterday, but today HEB didn't know what hit them..........I bought $45.00 worth of Butterball Turkey bacon and sausage for $8.40 on the GC Darlin Dan and I used for our anniversary staycation. I actually had enough left on it to pay for this wonderful deal.  I used 10 HEB coupons worth $2.50 each and 10 $ .75 man. coupons for the bacon.
And guess what? We actually like Turkey bacon and sausage!
Winner, Winner, Turkey bacon and sausage dinner.


Tammy said...

Hi Jeri,

What was the end date on the coupons. I've been to two stores in houston and haven't been able to find any.

Thanks for you help.

jeri said...

Hi Tammy-
I'm sorry, I think the end date for the Turkey sausage and bacon coupon was yesterday, 7/20. It was a great deal, but I didn't see it advertised in the weekly flyer. I just stumbled upon it when I went in to grab something else.