Friday, July 9, 2010

How to get a "new" wardrobe for $0 cash OOP

Okay, so it's new to me.
Today my sister-in-law hosted a yard sale at her house. She invited us to bring over whatever we wanted to sell. We brought over some stockpile items that sell like hotcakes. Anyway, she was selling a boat load of clothing, shoes, and purses. Everything was in excellent condition to new.  She likes to buy our stockpile items, so we bartered (or traded). I got 14 shirts/tops/blouses (some with the tags still on them), 1 pair of pajamas, 2 pair of capris, 1 pair of shorts, an adorable purse/bag, and a pampered chef saute/wok pan!! In return, she got shampoos, razors, sunglasses, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. Isn't this bag adorable? My mini Dell computer fits perfectly in it!! It is a 9 West bag. I heart it. It has shoulder straps (which I love). It looks literally brand new.  I bet she paid a pretty penny for it. She wanted $2 for it..............I paid with 2 shampoos!

This is a Pampered Chef saute/wok pan!! I know this stuff is expensive. I've never been to a party, but I looked it up on line and even though this is an old pan, the quoted price is about $50. She wanted $1 for it! How about I paid with 1 toothbrush?

I feel like I went hog wild! It's been a very long time since I have purchased any clothes. Now I have a lot of new things for the new school year!!

Darlin Dan was sooooo glad that my foot is bigger than hers. She was selling beautiful, I mean beautiful shoes for $1-$2!! I would've come home with a box full.  I know a good deal when I see it. The shoes were brand names and almost like new. Some look like they had never been worn.

I think this my favorite. It is an Alfred Dunner 2 piece shirt set-still with the tags from Macy's. It is called Palm Beach Garden. I just love Alfred Dunner. (I only buy when it is at least 75% off. This was even better!)

Here's another brand new shirt that I know I will wear alot. It's really cute. I like the length.

This sweater is soooo cute. I can't wait to wear it.....probably not 'til November or December!

As far as our profits, we are happy with what we made. We sell everything for $1- except razors and some makeup. (We are saving this money for our free trip to Wendover, Nevada in September.) I am much happier with my "new" wardrobe for $0 cash OOP!

Thank you Rachel and Raymond. You made me very happy today.

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