Thursday, July 29, 2010

How I organize my Qs

This is how I organize my Q inserts. One bin/binder for Red Plum and one bin/binder for Smart Source. My P & G cQs are in another (smaller bin). I have started saving my Parade magazines and they are in a box.
I have them separated by date. Each week of coupons has its own sheet protector. I write the date on front of the insert. I have trouble seeing the itty bitty writing on the side of the insert ;-) and sometimes when I'm working late at night-I can hardly see expiration dates!! Need to go back to the eye Dr.

I don't clip out the coupon unless I am using it for a deal. If I am planning a Super Target run, I will clip some grocery Qs. I put my deal Qs in my little book to take to Walgreens or CVS. (I have my RRs and EBs in little books.)

It has been such a slow week at the stores. I've actually organized a bit.

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