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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Walgreens 9/26

I snagged all the deals I could-but I had to do several transactions. I only had 11/$1 Glade RRs to roll............isn't that horrible? I ended up spending $6.86 cash oop-OUCH! for $33.48 worth of goodies-not my best by any means...........
Trans #1
1.F/Bar $1.99
-$1 in RR
=$ .99
I got back a $2RR for the bar

Trans #2
1. Vicks Sinex $6
2. Emergen c $3.49
3.3 pk chips $1 (fillers)
-$4 vicks Q
-$5 in RRs
$1.49 cash OOP
got back $2RR for Vicks and $3.50 for Emergen C

Trans #3
1. Vasoline lotion $5.99
2. clearance cookies $ .50 (cuz they looked yummie)
=$ 6.49
=$1.03 (w/tax) cash OOP
got back $5RR for lotion

Trans #4
1.3 bags of halls refresh $3
2. Hyl. child. cough syrup $4.99
3. 1 bag of chips $.35
-$2 Q for the Halls
=$ .34 cash OOP
got back a $5 RR for the cough meds

Trans #5
1. 2 Tilex  $5
2. 1 bag chips $ .35
3. 1 can chicken broth $ .99
-$ .49 in ad for broth
-$ 1 Q for tilex
=$3.01 cash OOP (oh no- my brain stopped workin)
then something funny happened- I got back 2 $2RRs for the Tilex-Thank you coupon angels!

I started with $11 in RRs and now have $12

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coupon challenged said...

Still looks like a pretty good day to me. I miss Wags. Haven't been in weeks. I need a couple of extra days in the week.