Saturday, January 29, 2011

Moneymaker Almay at Walgreens

I'm so glad I waited until Saturday afternoon to try the Almay deal! The first transaction I did, I was so surprised that they rang up BOGO 1/2 off! These are on clearance for $3.99 each-w/BOGO1/2off-It rang up $3.99+$3.99-$2=$5.98 - $4 (for 2x$2 man. Q)=$1.98  + a filler (either toilet paper $0.39 or valentine bag $0.29) a $7RR back!! I was able to pay with a $2RR from the Pantene deal and change. I did this 5 times at 2 different store, so I made $25 in RRs today! I needed this-I was getting low on RRs!!

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