Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oops-I did it again!

I am in love with the Omega 3 pills that Walgreens is offering  as a RR deal this week! These are expensive things and  I'm trying to stock up. I'm not sure of the regular price, but I think they are at least $20 a bottle. They are $10 this week and you get a $10RR back.  Surprise, there is a $3 coupon inside the box! With the coupon these jewels are $3 MMs! With this moneymaker, I bought more almonds and Splenda.  Every time I bought a box of Splenda today, a $2 coupon would spit out for my next purchase of Splenda!! I spent about $7 cash OOP for all of this. I did numerous transactions at my favorate Walgreens that does not limit the number of transactions I do. I heart them.


Sunny simple life said...

Wow. This has got to a productive week for you! Good for you.

Janell said...

Wow that's amazing!!! I really wish you would included what you purchased in each transaction. :) I often try to repeat when I'm at wags but get lost. Thanks!!