Sunday, January 30, 2011

WAGS 1/30

******Miss you Dad. Kind of a bittersweet day. Enough said.*****

Thanks to Wild for Wags, I was able to grab another money maker deal today!
The Neuragen is on special for $14.99 and get a $10RR! I used the $10 coupon in the Diabetes magazine and made $5 in RRs! I bought the Arnicare for $5.99 and get a $6RR back, the Blue Bell NO SUGAR ADDED(hard to find at WAGS) for $3.99 and 1 valentine bag for $0.13. I used 3RRs totalling $15 to pay for this and about $0.10 OOP and got back a $10 and a $6 RR!!
This was my best transaction of the day-I picked up all the freebies and moneymakers, but too tired to post them.

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