Monday, July 19, 2010

Walgreens Shopping Marathon

I confess. I did it again. I was bound and determined to grab some money maker Dr. Scholls.  I ended up going to 4 Walgreens and I did 11 transactions. I was able to grab 4 of the hidden arch inserts and 8 rough skin eraser creams. I started with $18.50 in RRs and now have $32 in RRs. I paid $8.76 cash OOP for $150 worth of goodies. (Today Walgreens paid me $4.74 to shop)
So here's what I bought-
1 fusion razor
1 can of cat food (for isabelli)
1 pack of Celsius drinks
1 ruler
2 packs of sheet protectors
2 markers
2 liquid papers
2 boxes of kleenex
2 Pilot G2 pens
3 bottles of Dawn
4 hidden arch supports
4 bottles of head and shoulders
5 tubes of toothpaste
6 packs of dentyne
6 rough skin eraser creams
I'm happy now.


Anonymous said...

I also went to several Walgreens for the Dr. Scholls. It's funny how at some stores it cost 6.99, some 7.49, some 7.79. Also, some stores would not allow the $2 off coupons, others would. (The July coupon book states that these coupons are considered manufacturer coupons. How they can state that I don't know, but some stores followed this rule, others didn't. Talk about confusion!!) Love your site! I'm thinking about a garage sale for all my extras. I read how you sell everything but razors for a dollar. I might try that. Have you ever had a garage sale with only excess items purchased? I mean, no used clothes, toys etc., just stockpile items? I wonder how that would go!

jeri said...

Thanks for reading my blog!
Yes, Walgreens is super crazy! At one Walgreens today, the manager was at a register 'cuz they were so busy and told me the July Q book coupons HAD to be rung up first or they wouldn't work ??? I just let him do whatever, hoping my manu. Qs would not beep. Everything was fine. I noticed different prices too. Nobody rejected my internet Qs. I was happy about that.

As far as yard sales, we have our yard sales with other family members across town from where we live. We don't live on a high traffic street. We just sell our stockpile items while the other family members have clothes, and what not. We are always happy with how we do. We have sold at a church rummage sale and it was great. Again, our prices are very low. I don't buy items unless they are almost free in the first place. (I like selling stockpile items-they sell themselves, we don't have to convince anybody to buy them.) My husband likes to reap the rewards too!