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Monday, June 28, 2010


I decided to do some Walgreens shopping today since the socks weren't printing out the RRs yesterday.

I have 2 favorite transactions

2 Twizzlers @ $1.50 each =$3.00
6 Dentyne gum @ $ .66 each =$ 3.96
1 airplus aloe socks =$3.00
1 blistop=$5.00
1 pack of plastic forks=$ .99
-$3 in Dentyne man. Q
-$ .49 in ad q for forks
- $ 1.98 in ad q for dentyne
paid with $10 in RR and $ .48 cash OOP
GOT BACK $2RR for twizzlers, $3RR for socks, and $5RR for Blistop=$10 in RRs

6 Dentyne gum @ $ .66 each =$ 3.96

1 airplus aloe socks =$3.00
1 Blistex smoothies=$3.00
1 can tuna=$1.19
-$3 in Dentyne man. Q
- $ 1.98 in ad q for dentyne
-$ .64 in ad q for tuna
paid with a $5RR and $ .52 cash OOP
GOT BACK $3RR for socks and $3RR for Blistex=$6 in RRs

So, I spent $1 even cash OOP for $27.10 worth of goodies. I used $15 in RRs and got back $16 in RRs-made $1 in RRs, so my net spent was ...................$0. Bingo-perfect deal!!


coupon challenged said...

Saw on another blog comment that someone had contacted Frixion re: the highlighter rebate. After talking to 3 people they wanted to know what address she sent it to. Here is what they are looking for. P.O. Box 6043, Douglas, AZ 85655-6043. She said they finally agreed to send her the rebate. What a hassle. Doesn't seem like anyone is going to get it unless you call and complain.

coupon challenged said...

Sorry forgot the phone number. 904-645-9999.