Saturday, May 29, 2010

5/30 Walgreens deals

Here's what I'll be grabbing this week at WAGS

1. Ecotrin 45 ct. $2 get a $2RR
use $2 ecotrin Q 5/16/10RP

2. Luster White 7 toothpaste $5 get a $5RR

3. Walgreens A thru Z multivitamins $2 get a $2RR

4. Rejuvicare Ultimate skin, hair, nail supplement $9.99 get $10RR

5. Kotex pads, liners, tampons $3.49 get a $2.50RR
use $1 kotex Q 4/18/10SS expires 5/30

6.Nivea or Neutragena Men's Skincare, shave gel or body wash BOGO free
$3/1 Nivea body wash for mean 5/2/10RP
$2/1 Nivia for men 4/25/10RP

7. Hershey's pieces 2/$5 get $5 RR wyb $10
$1/1 Q for candy 4/18/10SS

8.Oxi-clean stain remover $2.99
use $2 q 4/25/10SS


1. Royal gelatin in ad Q 5/$1 buy one for $ .20
2. Arizona tea in ad Q 2/$1 buy one for $ .50
3. Walgreens foil in ad Q $ .59

2 day sale Sunday and Monday

1. 24 pack pure drinking water $2.49


coupon challenged said...

If you buy the U Kotex you'll get a coupon for a free Always box depending on what type you buy, For some reason I got two. Whoo-Hoo. Good week at WAGS.

jeri said...

I didn't even look at these Qs until I read your message! Now I have 6 Qs for free Always!!!