Friday, May 28, 2010

Walgreens preparing for next week!

I dropped by my fav. WAGS this afternoon and look at the display. Looks like they are getting ready for next week!!


Meghan said...

Nice! I hope my Wags is as prepared! And I hope I can drag myself out of bed early enough to score all the deals!

Anonymous said...

How many transactions do you do at one Walgreens? For example, how many Ectorins do you buy at one store, at one time? I ask because one Walgreens only allows me to buy one of each item. Just one! Other Walgreens I have only done two transactions with the same items. I would love to do more but am afraid they'll say something. So, I end up going to lots of different Walgreens, wasting gas and time. Any help you could provide would be appreciated! Thanks!

jeri said...

I usually do 2 transactions just to roll RRs. If there is a different cashier at the cosmetic counter, I will sometimes slip in another 2 transactions. If there is a super nice cashier I might do a little more. It also depends on how busy they are.

We have so many Walgreens in San Antonio that I can visit 2 or 3 a day on my daily path or I stop in the morning on my way in to work and then again after work. The cashier is always a different one so I don't feel uncomfortable or like I'm clearing the shelves! (just a little at a time) ;-)