Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm going crazy

I can't find my glasses! Oh no...........

My frugal evening in the kitchen-
Last night, I prepared my 3 lbs. of ground beef that I bought at Super T. I prepared it the way Southern Plate had recommended (boiling in some water) and I added onion, celery and green pepper. When all done, I divided all my cooked ground beef into 2 cup bags and put them in the freezer! I was able to freeze 4 bags after using 2 cups for some taco meat last night. I'm able to get 5 meals out of 3 lbs. of ground beef I bought at Super T with a GC I earned for walking while wearing my pedometer. Not too shabby!

Now Darlin Dan wasn't too thrilled about the way I prepared this ground beef. He's afraid it will be lacking flavor. I explained to him that we need to eat leaner anyway. Although his cholesterol is fine, my cholesterol isn't too great and I need to watch it. I think he will come around.

So back to the glasses. I was getting ready for work this morning and couldn't find those darn glasses. I've searched my work bag and my coupon bag and now I think they must be hiding at home somewhere. I feel naked................ ;-}

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