Friday, May 14, 2010

How a couponer buys Swiffer products with RRs

Here's my story of how a frugal couponer was able to buy $55(regular price) worth of Swiffer products using RRs.
It's the 1st week of May and she has $72 in RRs. She's been wheelin and dealin, trying to do some money maker deals. She needed to buy a new Swiffer Wet jet and it is the week of 25% off Swiffer products at Walgreens. In addition, it is a RR deal, buy $10 of selected products (including swiffer products) and get $2RR back. On top of all this, there is a swiffer $10 rebate wyb $20 in refills. She decided to burn RRs to get her Wet Jet and also get $20 of Swiffer refills.
She initially bought her Wet Jet on sale for $18.36. She used the $2 man. Q and got a $2RR back, so this cost her $14.36(in RRs).
Then she bought a swiffer refill for $4.11, another for $4.71, and a febreze for $2.46(not part of swiffer rebate, but included in the RR deal), used a $ .50 man. Q for the febreze and got a $2RR back, so this cost her $8.78 (in RRs).
Her 3rd deal was swiffer refill for $4.11 x 2, and swiffer refill for $4.71, got back a $2RR for a total of $12.93(in RRs).
So now she's $38 poorer in RRs, but look at all she bought with them AND she's getting a $10 GC rebate.
She still has $34 in RRs to do her deals at WAGS.
The End


coupon challenged said...

And why your are the queen. good job on stockpiling some swiffer.

jeri said...

Thanks! We luv this stuff. I couldn't believe my old wet jet broke! It was terribly abused.