Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Shopping

I ran to CVS and Walgreens this afternoon for the latest deals. Since I invested in a CVS e-gift card to get a bonus e-gift card, I used that to buy my Sunday papers today. No cash OOP at CVS and because the coupon spitter outer nicely gave me a $5 off of $40 purchase, I now have $20EBs, started out with $11. I picked up the deals of the week, Depends for women, toothpaste, Nivea body washes, Listerine, and then grabbed the cheap chips and Betty Crocker warm delights.

At Walgreens, I grabbed my new Swiffer Wet Jet. My old one bit the dust 2 weeks ago and I purposely waited until today to buy another one so I could take advantage of the sale at Walgreens. I used some MM RRs to buy my deals today. I spent $21 in RRs and $3.50 cash OOP and got back $4 in RRs. I bought the wet jet, Irish Spring body wash, Bic razor, sure deodorant, some ice cream drumsticks for Darlin Dan, 4 boxes of sugar free pudding, and some scotch tape.

I'm happy with today's shopping trip. Nothing like last Sunday, but it's not a money maker week like last week. I will be picking up the body washes all week. I will get both the Irish Spring and the Nivea body washes. I plan to burn more RRs on Swiffer refills so I can send off for the $10 rebate. I'm hoping for some hidden money maker deal!

Our Sunday was spent with family. We had a nice breakfast with my 2 daughters and their honeys. The guys helped Darlin move the rest of our heavy furniture out of storage. We FINALLY did it. We are officially out of the storage unit. This has been on our "to do" list for quite a while now. We will now have $117 more a month.
Now that it is just the 2 of us at home, we have more room to fit in the stuff we had in storage. Originally, we needed the unit because we had 6 adults living in our house and we had no extra space available anywhere for the extras. So I guess you could say we made some money today!


Precious said...

Congrats on getting rid of that storage unit. I bet it feels so good to free up that money.

jeri said...

Yes, it feels great!