Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finished up the Swiffer rebate today at Walgreens

I spent $ .45 cash OOP today at Walgreens, but I spent $16 in RRs and got $4 in RRs back. I needed to buy the rest of my $20 worth of Swiffer refills so that I could send off for the $10 gc rebate. Since the products are 25% off this week, plus we can get a $2 RR for buying $10 worth of the refills, I decided this was the week to burn the RRs. It is not the perfect deal, but it is pretty good. I'm paying with some money maker RRs so I can't complain.

What I can complain about is what I walked into this morning when I got to work. My room had been burglarized! Not only did I have to sit through 2 looonnnnnggg meetings today, but I also had to clean up the big mess in my room. Calgon take me away!


coupon challenged said...

That is terrible. Sorry to hear about your room. It is so violating isn't it? Why do people have to steal from those that are helping people? Hope your day gets better.

jeri said...

Thanks so much! I'm hoping to have a great weekend-it's Mother's Day and BD all rolled up into 1!