Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How I am stocking up with my Money Maker Item this week

I've decided not to add to my RR amount this week, but instead I am stocking up on some items. I have $28 in RRs as we speak. I will try to maintain the $28 in RRs and I am rolling them like this:

Trans 1 - since I have almost all $8RRs I'm starting with a transaction w/o the Complete solution in it. So I start with $8 in RRs.
1. Goodie Hair thingies $2.99
2. Iron man rub $5.99
3. small bag of chips $ .35
-$1 print. Q for Iron Man
-$8 RR (complete solution)
= $ .33 OOP
get back a $3 and a $5 RR!

Trans 2 - this is where I buy my items I need or want that are on sale using the RRs I just got from trans 1
1. Complete Solution $7.99
2. Glade spray BOGO $2.99
3. clearance 5 x7n pict. frame $1.29
4. Hunts sauce $ .25
-$2 q for complete
-$2/2 glade from parade magazine
-$3 & $5 RR
=subtotal of .52 +.02 tax = .54 OOP
get back a $8RR for complete!

I go and do trans 1 again to roll RRs and then trans 2- I pick up Complete, a 24 pk of water on sale for $2.99(instead of glade and picture frame) and small bag of cheetos
pay $1.33 OOP

Do trans 1 again to roll RRs and then trans 2 - Complete, Dixie plates BOGO (use 2 $ .50 print. Q) and 2 hunts tomato sauce
pay $1.56 OOP

There are soooo many possibilities-
I've also grabbed
1. dial foaming hand soap
2.scrubbing bubbles bath kit
3.colgate toothpaste
4. Big roll tp
5. pecan sandie
6. Listerine whitening plus restoring

Next week there is another money maker in the Ecotrin! I can do the same thing again. My mind goes into overdrive trying to figure out the best scenarios!

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