Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Goofy CVS visit

I visited my nearest CVS yesterday afternoon. I wanted to grab a couple of the Listerines for the deal this week. I found some $1 Qs that would make this deal $ .99 a bottle-and these are the nice bigger bottles! So I grabbed my Listerines and decided to grab the Reach floss too cuz I had the BOGO Q and could get some free floss. However, I did not realize that these 2 items were the SAME deal and so I did not get my EBs for the floss. I really don't like to return but I thought why should I pay $4 for floss when I have a boat load at home that I got for free or better. Well, the wonderful manager on duty at CVS not only let me return the floss, but she gave me a $8.60something GC as my money back. This is great- I paid $4 on a gc and the BOGO Q. I'm doing a little happy dance right now.

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