Thursday, May 20, 2010

Walmart deals

Last night I needed to pick up the lastest All You at Walmart. I wanted to see if they had some deals that I could get for our beach week in July. I was able to get:
1. 2 packs of Bar S weiners $ .78 each = $1.56
2. 1 pack of Kraft singles melt downs $2.48
3. 1 pk of Capri Sun $1.97
4. 1 McCormick small cont. black pepper $1.38
5. 1 McCormick sea salt $1.45
6. 1 All You magazine $2.69
= $11.53 + tax
- Qs
-$1/2 Bar S weiners
-$1 Kraft melt downs
-$1 Capri Sun
-$1 McCormick
-$1 McCormick
=$5 in coupons
Total $6.53 + tax

I am planning several trips to Walmart for the weiners-we used them for bait last year!

I'm actively stockpiling for our beach week. Last year, I saved us a TON of money by bringing stockpiled food and drinks.

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coupon challenged said...

Good idea to use the McCormick coupons at Walmart. I used some at Target to get the Montreal Steak but I will use up the rest at Walmart next week.