Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1 - Time to clean out the Qs

I don't know about everybody else, but I have alot of expired Qs that need to be weeded out.

I'm spending some quality time with my Qs. Alot of Qs expired 4/30 and I try to get rid of my expired Qs as soon as I can. On a typical Sunday, I buy 10 newspapers-unless there aren't any qs or only 1 insert. When there's only 1 insert I order them online, it comes out a little cheaper!

I organize my coupons by the week. I put all 10 inserts for the week in a plastic sheet protector. I have a binder for RED PLUM and a binder for SMART SOURCE. I've just started stacking the most recent inserts in a protector in a plastic bin cuz my binders are bulging. This is working out well because it seems that most of the deals lately require very recent coupons.

When I started couponing I would clip every single coupon in an insert and this was just toooooooo time consuming. Now I just clip the deals. There are a few exceptions. Like the snuggle coupon that came out recently, I clipped it the very week it came out because I knew this coupon is a GOOD one.

I don't typically print alot of internet printables-unless it such a perfect deal I can't resist. This happened a couple of weeks ago with the Nature's Bounty printable coupon off their website. Couldn't resist!

So it's back to the coupon binders and bins for me! Gotta get ready for the new week ahead!

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