Friday, May 28, 2010

Isn't he great!!

My Darlin Dan was given this $50 gift card at work and he gave it to me! Isn't he the best!! He said he wants me to use it for my deals!


Anonymous said...

Are you CRAZY posting this on your site? Don't you know that someone else can go shopping with all of your numbers listed on the card? You could of at least put a piece of paper on part of it to protect yourself. I clicked on your picture and it came up enlarged and I seen all of your numbers very easily. I hope someone doesn't rip you off. Maybe next time you should think before posting.

jeri said...

I appreciate your concern. I guess I'm too trusting. (I guess you posted your comment anonymously because you wanted to scold me in a not nice way). Believe me, I will think about YOU the next time I think of posting anything.