Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday at CVS

It was great at CVS yesterday. Got all the deals and steals I could. I spent $ .19 cash OOP and another $1.60 on my CVS GC! I'm afraid I used Darln Dan's CVS card as well today. I wanted to stock up on Pepsi for the beach. I used some moneymaker EBs from last week!

I got a TON of stuff! All together I bought $85.48 worth of goodies. I did one transaction on each card.

I thought the Renuzit Crystal thingies were a good buy at $ .99 each after man. coupon. I want to stack up on these to put in gift bags, baskets, etc. The Dawn Renewel dish soap in on sale this week for about $ .83 and you can use the $ .50 manu. coupon to make this a great buy at $ .33 each. The Herbal essense shampoo is free after man. coupon and EBs. The razors are free after EBs. Dial bar soap is on sale for $1.88-take off the $ .35 man. coupon and $1EB= $ .53 for pack of 3 bars of dial soap(Darlin's fav). I grabbed a few of the zone bars to taste. Not a perfect deal, just wanted to try them!


coupon challenged said...

When you use both your card and your hubbie's card, do you use them at the same time at the same CVS. I have not tried to do this yet. Just wondering.

jeri said...

I have 2 CVS's close to my house and I usually go to both. I hardly ever use them at the same time. I feel awkward. If you have a CVS close to your house, you might try a morning and then an evening run. Sometimes I do Sunday and then Monday.
Hope this helps. I don't always do all the deals with both cards. It just depends on the deal and how much I want them!
Take care.

coupon challenged said...

Thanks that is pretty much how I do it. I have two of the close by so I can do both if I really need to but usually I just go different days.

Anonymous said...

I have only been couponing in this depth since February, However, that being said I feel like I am off to a great start. This week my CVS purchases were $82.48 before coupons, sales, etc and after all was said and done my OOP was $8.84 or a savings of 88%. It is an awesome feeling.